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Wai Fong Machinery Pte Ltd was founded in 2012 with their primary focus on the rental of Heavy Construction Vehicles to Construction Industry in Singapore. As the firm grew, their Chairman needed to expand into additional fields related to Construction.

In a short time span, Wai Fong Machinery Pte Ltd worked its way into Coupling and Threading Services for Reinforcement Bars in Jan 2013. Using a BarTec Threading and Coupling Mechanical System, the couplers have systematically a strength higher than the rebar, so the breakdown is always held away from the joint of the Coupler.

After supplying Coupling and Threading services in Singapore for 15 months, customers have requested the Directors to look into Cutting and Bending Services. September 2014 saw Wai Fong Machinery Pte Ltd worked towards Cut and Bend Services for Reinforcement Bars, using State-Of-The-Art equipment from Italy allowing them to produce Specific Requirements and shapes for their valued customers.

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  • Wai Fong Machinery came to us with a strong brand and a robust, rapidly growing business. What they needed was a way to connect with their clients better and the audience they wanted to reach further. Their business is very technical-focused, and they needed a website that was immersive and reflected as both informative and professionalism.

    The company had a lot of great content but needed an efficient way to structure and organize it so that it was more intuitive to the visitors. Working with our UX design and content strategy team, we were able to set out a structure that put their products & services first.
  • The WordPress platform, as customized by our experienced developers, has provided the team at Wai Fong Machinery with a newly mobile-responsive content management system; a website optimized for increased leads and conversions. Valuable additions such as a drag and drop menu, contact page enquiry form, and news section for press releases, allow prospective clients the opportunity to engage successfully with the business online.

    The newly customized website re-establishes Wai Fong Machinery as a trusted source for construction related works in the region, and further their brand across the globe.