3 Golden Tips for your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, the diminishing effectiveness of traditional marketing becomes increasingly imminent. And particularly together with the rise of social media, numerous companies are now starting to find out the power of content marketing and embracing its prowess.

Contenting Marketing is among the most effective methods to connect with your target market and stand out from all your competitions. However, rolling out Content Marketing into your broad Marketing plan is not a simple task, especially when there is a strong need to produce content that is of good quality, and yet able to engage your target audience.

Based on a Content Marketing Benchmark report in 2015, much 90% of the enterprise marketers focus on creating more engaging, and higher-quality content. It is no phenomenon that the content marketing industry is the fastest evolving area of digital marketing in today’s world.

Here are three brilliant tips that we have identified to assist you to enhance your content marketing strategy:

Tip #1. Targeting your Audience Correctly

Targeting Audience

As a content marketer, you need to learn to establish your audience and understand them. Knowing the kinds of content that will interest your audience will eventually ensure that you will produce the correct content to captivate and engage them.

Content marketing is about shifting the attention away from the action of promoting the product, but instead, it focuses on selling the idea of that product. By learning the way to curate relevant content on the web or generating relevant original content, you are able to provide your audience with information they need and want, and subtly highlight your brand message to them. When you can regularly contribute content which resonates with your audience, you ensure a higher chance of conversion.

Tip #2. Power of Visuals

Power of Visuals

Content marketers should invest in visual content. We live in a visual world. When it involves Content Marketing, visuals assist in allowing the audience to take in information better. Studies have demonstrated that visuals are processed 600,000 times faster than text. The transformation of digital tech further enables content marketers to use different varieties of multimedia such as videos, compelling images, and infographics to tell their stories.

Whether you are telling a story through videos or still images, power visual storytelling makes Content Marketing more effective as companies can foster a closer connection with their target audience, hence driving greater awareness and grasp of the marketing message. Furthermore, it creates a better opportunity for content distribution among peers, or via social networks.

For instance, increasing number of companies are engaging YouTubers to push out interesting, yet informative videos to interact with their audience. And such videos encourage social sharing, which provides companies a broader marketing outreach.

Tip #3. Repurpose your Content

Repurpose Content

To get the most out of the value of the content you are providing to your target audience, you must keep in mind that content must be repurposed to be distributed in different formats on the various platforms to target different audiences.

Through repurposing, you can cross-promote your content across multiple channels. For example, you can encompass a link to your blog post or an infographic concerning the same topic on your YouTube video, which drives visitors to your website or your other owned media. This kind of targeted traffic reinforces your brand message and increases the probabilities of a successful conversion.

Repurposing also extends the longevity of the content. Your audience may come across your content after it has been repurposed via a different channel. Also, repurposing evergreen content extends the life-cycle of the content even further, as it remains relevant for future years. While news-related articles have a distinct shelf life, content that is related to useful tips and advice can continue to remain applicable over a more extended period.

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